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In G IDEA, we frequently asked the customer what actually the focus is they are looking for when they are choosing any of our services. By doing that, we believed that the service that we are going to offer to the customer is giving more values and benefits them. 


Web Solutions

Do you like our website? Are you looking for quick solution for your official webpage design? Do connect with us and we will get back to you with the solutions. See the design of our previous customers MenkevStudio; AliffbySha Scarves; etc.


Project Management & Consultation

You need someone to consult or advice you on your business or technology solution? Or, you need someone to manage your upcoming or ongoing project(s)? Do connect with us and we will give you some ideas how you could move forward and progress.


IT Outsourcing

Cost-effectiveness will be one of the key area that most organization focusing on. Do connect with us and tell us what you want to achieve, and we will get back to you with the manpower that you need.


LBguitar 1979

LB Guitar : We are your first to-go for your musical need. Looking for guitar/bass/pedal or etc? Browse here for more! 


Digital Marketing

Zero knowledge on Digital Marketing? First time with social-media businesses? Do connect with us and we will advice you where and how to start. Some samples from our previous customers: 

NusantaraHerbs; KaripapFrozen; Kidikobu; MenkevStudio; etc.



Coming soon! 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Happiness is our Happiness. 

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